My this Kolaveri, Kolaveri, Kolaveri Di!

“Did you hear ‘Kolaveri?'” I asked.
“Oh yes of course! Hmmm….Lulu burst out singing….
Distance’la Moon’nu Moon’nu Moon’nu
Color’ru White’tu White’tu
Background Night’tu Night’tu 
Night’tu Color’ru Black’ku
…..What a craze! Everybody is singing this song.” Lulu said.
“Why so you think it is so popular?” I asked.
“Hmmm…Letmme think’ku think’ku think’ku, Ille says’su brain’nu!” Lulu
“Ha ha! Search answers, my dear Lulu. Search. There must be some answer hidden in the psyche of people. People are experiencing Kolaveri, the murderous rage. Hmmm….Has it become popular because people felt Kolaveri when Sachin missed his century?”
“Oh No! No way!!” Lulu shot back.
“Is it because Sharad Pawar was given a slap?” I gave a possible explanation.
“Ha! No, certainly not. Not even Pune felt the Kolaveri when he was hit!”
“Is it because rising prices?” I asked.
“Is it because it is Nov 26 today and we are reminded of the Terrorist attack?”
“Old story.”
“Oh, come on, what is it then? Is it because you have not seen a good movie in the last three months?”
“Forget it.” Lulu dismissed my suggestion.
“Then what is it, Lulu?” I asked visibly annoyed. “There are newspaper articles analysing this popularity. Tell me why, what makes it so popular. It must have something to do with the murderous rage, or Kolaveri, people are feeling.”
“Just sing the song, it’s fun, you idiot! Don’t intellectualise everything. Why this Kolaveri, kolaveri, kolaveri di…”.