Harvinder, Slap These Persons Too!

Now that slapping ministers and others in the limelight is becoming fashionable and it goes unpunished, I feel emboldened to declare a list of persons whom I would like to slap.
A slap with a thud to Jitendra Awhad and others for setting many wrong precedents in public life and for causing public nuisance.
A hard slap to Rahul Gandhi for making indiscreet remarks not once but twice!
And a gentle tap to Kiran Bedi on her cheeks [one must show some consideration to ladies] for defending the indefensible. And to Mayawati for …..you know what!
A slap to Harvinder Singh, the man who slapped Sukhram and Sharad Pawar for not slapping Laloo Prasad. He seems to prefer persons whose names begin with β€˜S.’ Did you get me?
And slaps to Paes and Bhupati for constantly quarrelling instead of playing good tennis.
And two hard ones to Vinod Kambli for keeping quiet so long……
And I am not sure whether I should slap Ratan Tata for making a farce of the successor selection process, there is some honesty and some timidity.
A pappi also to Anna Hazare for asking β€˜Only one slap?’ after hearing the news of the assault on Pawar; and a hard slap for condemning the attack thereafter, and for being more political and not authentic!
And finally one hard one to myself for not slapping these people.