Some Thoughts And Some Feelings Nov 20

Some thoughts and some feelings, all my own:
Like pressure has started building up for the little B baby – Aishwarya + Abhishek’s daughter. Her eyes are light like her beautiful mother. My sympathies for the children of the celebrities.
Like another such celebrity son is coming in the limelight –Arjun, Sachin Tendulkar’s son. He has taken to cricket, won a few matches for his school, starting the inevitable discussion on comparison with his illustrious father. And I feel happy that my father was a great man but not a celebrity!
Like the celebrity children stories reminds me of Kumar Gandharva’s son, Mukul, a gifted singer who was found begging at Bhopal temple two years ago. And that is an extreme point in this story. The other extreme point is Amitabh himself who grew in stature much higher than his father, a well known poet.
Like Sukhram may have lost the criminal case and is convicted of accepting bribes, but he ultimately seems to have won. The case took eighteen years to conclude and convict him, and Sukhram enjoyed his ill gotten wealth. If he dies in Tihar, the family will sue the Government for negligence and claim compensation.
Like Air India and Kingfisher Airlines both have lost literally billions of rupees should be allowed to die, and I agree with Rahul Bajaj. The trouble is that it will benefit Jet Airways whose investors are reportedly not men of clean image.
Like Vinod Kambli speaks what his heart says, and he is alleging match fixing. We cannot dismiss his version lightly if we remember the collapse of Indian batting after Sachin’s dismissal in that innings. Cricketers and the Manager who have dismissed Kambli’s allegations perhaps wish to avoid another round of investigations and bad press.
Like the walls around IIT-Powai are painted again by a political party. This sinister practice which was stopped by the former Election Commissioner is raising its head again, dirtying already ugly city. And I am sure that the authorities will not act!
And lastly, here is a gem! Like while studying how and why Nagasaki and Hiroshima were chosen as the targets for Atom Bomb, I stumbled upon this interesting information: “Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson struck Kyoto from the list [of targets] because of its cultural significance, over the objections of General Leslie Groves, head of the Manhattan Project. According to Professor Edwin O. Reischauer, Stimson “had known and admired Kyoto ever since his honeymoon there several decades earlier.” So we may say that Kyoto people were saved of death and destruction by Stimson. I am dumb struck knowing the factors which played a role in deciding fate of Kyoto people!  Life is like that!!