Some Thoughts and Some Feelings, March 27

Some thoughts and some feelings, all mine:

Like the Army Chief must know that in any battle both the sides receive wounds. And his disclosure smacks of cunning and malice rather than show-casing his integrity.

Like Balwant Singh Rajoana will be hanged on March 31 and that makes me very uncomfortable. Any death sentence makes me uncomfortable, no matter how heinous the crime is.

Like Arvind Kejriwal says 162 of the sitting MPs have criminal cases and some them are thieves and rapists. And that qualifies for a World Record for any parliament; I wonder if Guinness Book of Records will acknowledge this as a record. It should, it is unbeatable.

Like the difference between Kingfisher and Titanic is that in the latter case people said ‘Oh how quickly it sank’ and in the case of the former they say ‘Oh why is it still afloat?’ Kingfisher has the properties of an iceberg – only one seventh is seen now, six seventh has sunk!

Like Dunlop India will go for liquidation. And there goes one iconic company which had lost all its glory.
Like the IPL season will start soon and with it will come controversies. I wonder what happened to the case the cheer leader from South Africa had threatened to file after she was sent back. But I will not miss her; I will miss Shane Warne.

Like I like the Press Council Chairman Mr Katju hitting out at the media. He has done some plain speak on Anna Hazare. He was a great judge, and he is surely a good Chairman of the Press Council.

Like the biggest tragedy was the rollback of rail fare increases not in the parliament but on the demand of Mamata. Our PM, Dr Manmohan Singh, is the most timid of all PMs.

And finally, this – Like I find the argument of lawyer Henri Leclerc who said that Strauss-Kahn, the ex-IMF Chief,  didn’t know he was having sex with prostitutes, very interesting! ‘Lust is not crime’ the headline reads. Well that is true, lust is not crime, but it makes news stories juicier than many crimes! The IMF Chief has certainly made several journalists richer!!