Who is watching MLA, MPs….

“Why are you sitting on my shoulder and making a ‘tut, tut’ sound?” I questioned Lulu, my parrot angrily.
“Oh, chill man, don’t get upset. I was just curious about what you were doing with your mobile.”
“What nonsense!”
“I think there are two categories of men. Those who watch something on their mobile, like you were doing; and those who keep an eye on such men.” Lulu replied laughing aloud.
“You are a peeping Tom, Lulu. You will do well to learn manners and etiquettes.”
“Ok, Ok. I will. But you ought to know that peeping Tom is a phrase used to refer to a man ‘who furtively observes women undressing.’ So please correct yourself. I am not a man, I am a parrot, and I am not watching woman undress.” Lulu shot back.
“But when you sit on shoulders of people, you must be watching them do something.”
“Yes, I do sometimes. One cannot close his eyes and sit meditating on peoples’ shoulders.” Lulu said as he jumped on my hand.
“Hmmmm…..We are constantly being watched. There are hidden cameras everywhere. In shops and offices, they warn you that you are under surveillance.”
“Yes, they have fitted cameras everywhere.”
“And on highways too there are cameras to check speed violation.” I said with a tone of complaint.
“Haha…there are a few bird watchers, but I think men like to watch themselves.”
“I envy parrots. They are not put under surveillance. And there are no porno films in their world!”
“And there are no elected representatives among parrots who spend their time watching porno stuff too.” Lulu took a dig again.
“Hah ha!”
“But why do you forget who is watching you all the time?”
“Who is that? Has USA put one more satellite for watching people?”
“Oh, no! You have forgotten him obviously. HE is watching you all the time, even if you are not an MLA or MP. Beware! HE matters more than political parties and hidden cameras. HE also holds a mirror to us. Wrong doers find it difficult to look into hismirror.”
“You said it Lulu.”
“I think Galileo got it right when he said ‘I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.’ Will you tell this to your elected representatives?” Lulu said as he once again perched on my shoulder.