Some Thoughts And Some Feelings June 8

Some thoughts and some feelings, all mine:
Like IPL players seem to be involved in every vice known. They have a knack to be on the last page for sports and first page for drugs and crime simultaneously.
Like Kirti Azad says that the IPL players are like Somali pirates; I disagree. The pirates have to work hard to get their money.
Like Gautam Gambhir has indicated that he is ready to lead India team. And that goes to show that he has a good sense of timing!
Like Vishwanath Anand has hit out at Kasparov who said that Anand was losing his motivation, but the way things went I feel Kasparov had a point.
Like after every crime somebody says ‘let the law take its course!’ perhaps it is euphemism for ‘I will “manage” things later.’
Like the next episode of Satyamev Jayate should show how tax payers’ money is misused. That would be a tough one even for Aamir.
Like we need people like Adv Varsha Deshpande in the parliament and not beauty queens who sit there like dolls. And I feel that they should have nominated Aamir Khan instead of Sachin to the parliament.
Like Jaya complained bitterly when the camera focused on her while Rekha took oath in Rajya Sabha. She would have perhaps done well to remain absent in the parliament and focus on Amitabh while he watched the swearing in ceremony.
And finally the eighty-six years old ND Tiwari resisted the paternity test to determine whether he is the biological father of 32 year old Rohit Shekhar. I wonder why he did not say ‘I leave the decision to High Command!’ like all congressmen do whenever they are called to make any decision.