On Olympic Games

“Hi Lulu where were you? Long time, no see!” I almost shouted with excitement after seeing Lulu, my parrot.
“I was in London to look at the Queen!” Lulu said laughing.
“So what did you do there?”
“Cheering up the Indian Team! Yes of course, Indian team, my team.”
“Never knew parrots also have nationalities! Ok, ok, Lulu what did you see?”
“London is a beautiful city, people there love their city.” Lulu.
“I love my city Thane too.”
“I think it qualify as the joke of the year. Thaneites have made the city dirty again after Chandrasekhar, the dynamic Municipal Commissioner removed encroachments and beautified it.” Lulu retorted.
“Hmmm…..I agree. I hate it, but you are right.”
“And Jitendra Awhad and Pratap Sarnaik, the two political big wigs in Thane get in the race of displaying political superiority by organising ‘Dahi-handi.’ People say they are announcing Rs 25 Lakh as the Reward for those who can make human pyramid and crack it.”
“Oh, incorrigible people they are.” I said.
“Who is incorrigible? The political leaders causing nuisance? Or the police who allow them to do it? Or the people who silently watch this happen?” Lulu asked.
“You have a point, Lulu!” I said in agreement, and attempted changing the topic of discussion. “Did you hear that Mary Kom has lost the semi-finals in boxing?
“Every time a boxer or an athlete loses in Olympic, my heart weeps.” Lulu said.
“Me too Lulu, my heart weeps! I wonder why we fail to get many medals. Indian Hockey team has given us most forgettable moments – it is an embarrassment.”
“Only a few like you – but winning in Olympic is not as important to Indians as winning a cricket match.” Lulu said.
“I think you have a point there. We felt bad when Saina lost her game. But it did not evoke the same feeling when we lost to Australia in World Cup in South Africa.”
“You neither love your city, nor your athletes and sportspersons. And the political leaders swindle money while heading the sports organisations.”
“Yeah! Unfortunately it is true. I realize that my dream of seeing India winning ten Gold Medals in Olympic will remain a dream.” I said with a sigh. “Do you think countries with better Corruption Perception index show better performance in Olympic Games? US, UK have done well. We must see Wikipedia on this index.”
“Nah! I would not agree. India and China are in the same basket when it comes to corruption perception index. But China is a topper in Olympic Games. It only means Sports Authorities in China work after pocketing money, but in India…..haha……haha…..haha!” Lulu laughed sarcastically as he flew away.