Partying to protest!

“Hi Lulu! Did you fly in to watch Raj Thackray’s meeting? Parrots have this unique advantage.” I said to Lulu, my parrot, as I broke two eggs to make omelet.

“Oh Yes, What a man, yaar!” Lulu said. “He has captured the imagination of Maharashtrians.”

“Like his uncle, Balasaheb Thackray, did in late sixties and for two decades thereafter.” I said as I used the lighted gas stove and put the pan on fire.

“He has certainly inherited some qualities of his uncle. And there is that streak of defiance in his personality too; it is also the uncle’s gift. He held the Morcha and spoke at length to the gathering in spite of the refusal of police to grant permission.” Lulu said.

I think the world belongs to the defiant.” I said as I tossed the omelet in the pan. “What say you Lulu?”

“Ha ha ha…..Anna and Baba will not agree with you, their experience was different. They have lost all glory.”

Yaar, Leave them alone. The defiant Maruti workers have also lost the game. Five hundred have been sacked! What will they do now?”

“They will also be forgotten” Lulu said and continued, “Now the Maruti workers can only go on fast-unto-death! These days people declare that they will do only three days of fasting or so! Interesting!!”

“Like there is instant food there is instant fasting! Ha, ha!!”

“Oh, come on. Stop your PJs! I have a question about this ‘fast’-protest.” Lulu said admonishing me.

“What is that? I can sense you have something very interesting to say.” I said as I tossed omelet into my plate.

“Oh, actually I read it on internet. “If starving others is a crime then what makes starving oneself a virtuous act?” That was the question.” Lulu said.

“You made a good point, Lulu. My omelet is getting cold and my toasts too. And I am not going to starve myself!” I winked at Lulu as I said it.

“But there is a protestor who has used a different technique. No fasting in his case. Actually he threw a party to protest!” Lulu said nibbling at green chillies.

“Partying? Partying to protest? Who is that, Lulu?”

“That’s VVS Laxman. He announced his retirement from Test cricket just before the match with New Zealand. And invited senior cricketers for a party but excluded Dhoni, the Captain. Protesting and partying, both!”

“That was a good shot by Laxman!”

“It was like hitting a sixer off the last ball!” Lulu said as he flew away.