Some Thoughts and Some Feelings Dec 11

Some thoughts and some feelings, all my own:

Like in India Wal-mart is ‘influencing’ political leaders to take stances in favour of its entry at the risk of inviting corruption charges. And this reminds me of Lord Acton’s remark “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Like it also reminds me that Osho disagreed with Lord Acton but observed that “Lord Acton was a politician himself and he was speaking from his life experiences!” Ha! Ha!!

Like Osho further observed that power corrupts ‘only those who are potentially corruptible!’ How true!!

Like considering the number of people involved in FDI approval policy, Rs 125 Cr seems to be very small amount. Wal-Mart surely knows how to drive a hard bargain!!

Like Saira Banu says that Dilip Kumar never really allowed her to hold his hand in public. And nor did he allow Asma, his second love.

Like thinking about love I recall what George Bernard Shaw said, “First love is only a little foolishness and a lot of curiosity.” Deepika Padukone seems to be perpetually in first love, there is no second love by that standard in her life!

Like the Indian Cricket team looks like a team of potential retirees. They will bring in celebration whenever they go.

Like they say ‘hang Afzal Guru on Dec 13’ two days before anniversary of attack on the parliament. Hanging has become a political game in this country of Mahatma Gandhi. 

And finally, read this “The experience is all consuming — so each is always on the other’s mind. This is the person they want to spend all their time with — so time with good friends is often set aside. It is a merged relationship — so each one feels part of the other, not quite whole when they are not together. They are highly sensitized to each other — so both are alert to subtle interpersonal signals and are easily hurt by small slights from each other. The intimacy is deeper than with anyone else.” It is about adolescents in love, NOT about Anna Hazare and Kejriwal!