Some Thoughts and Some Feelings June 24

Some thoughts and some feelings, all mine:

Like Campa Cola case, Jitendra Awhad telling his followers to travel without ticket and Raj Thackeray asking followers to break toll posts show we have two types of leaders who do not value rule of law – those who remain silent [as in Campa Cola case], and those who instigate.

Like witness has turned hostile in Salman Khan’s hit-n-run case. That ‘the law has been hit and Salman Khan has run away’ sums up this hit-n-run case crisply.

Like Indian fishermen catch fish and Sri Lankan authorities catch fishermen. Wise strategy, guys!
Like reports are that English fans tweeted demanding expulsion of Uruguay’s Suarez, a Liverpool player, who scored a goal against England, throwing them out of the World Cup. I wonder if Indian fans will ask expulsion of Kevin Pietersen from IPL if he thrashes India in the England series.

Like the question in my mind is not whether the rail fare increase will be reduced, the question is when political parties will declare Bharat Bandh.

Like the only agencies to keep official account of black money are Swiss Banks.

Like the answer to the question “Kaun Banega Crorepati” is obvious : Amitabh Bachchan! He does it with every episode!!

Like the next round of Preity-Ness fight will be played in the Board room of Kings XI Punjab.

And finally this: Working abroad is fraught with danger as we see in the case of stranded Indians in Iraq, and it reminds us that money and risk are ‘made for each other.’