Lonavala: The Adventures of an Amateur Photographer

It was an impulsive decision. A friend called up. “I am bored” he said, “Why not go for a drive?”
“I am also bored” I replied. “Let’s go.” The DW alias Darling Wife was pleased with this decision.
“Where are we going?” She asked.
“I don’t know. You can suggest.”
“Khandala – Lonavala.” She said.
The first stop was at Wax Museum. The DW always wanted to meet NaMO. And she met him there.

Where next? “Bhushi dam” we said. No water in Bhushi dam! I have never seen such a distressing sight, Bhushi dam was always full and overflowing  in July.

Moved up the hill. To “Cloud 9.” This was nice view of the hill. And of some flowers there.

Returned to the highway where I found this driver relaxing in his Innova.

And wondered whether ride in a truck was more enjoyable – evidence seems to suggest that!

We wanted to have some tea so asked this road side shop to make it. I watched as he was making it. Dirty vessels make good tea!

And then watched Deccan Express disappear in the tunnel. A sight I enjoyed in my childhood too.

With that came memories of my childhood spent in the Bhor ghat.
“What are you thinking about?” DW asked noticing that I was lost in my thoughts. I did not reply.
Nostalgia is like chocolate in the mouth. You don’t want to speak when at it.