The Value Drivers Salman and Snehal

“Salman Khan ran over a few people on pavement in September 2002. The case will find its way in Guinness Book of Records soon.” I said as Lulu, my parrot, descended on my table coming in from the window. “The witnesses have turned hostile and files are getting lost. Says something about both the litigants – the State and the accused, Salman.”
“And yet he is the highest paid hero!” Lulu never had any respect for the ways of human beings. “People do not mix screen character and real life character.”
“Yes. True. People are good at compartmentalising – it is so convenient!”
“What surprises me is that nobody is concerned. Otherwise people get incensed over small and petty things.” Lulu said as he fluttered his wings and hopped on to perch on my table lamp.
“You must be referring to the Anderson-Jadeja quarrel. It is the kind that happens every day in Mumbai; just go to railway platforms and see!”
“That’s different. Can you pardon when the Mayors of Mumbai and Thane to flout the Government rules?”
“What are you referring to?”
“Both of them use red beacon lights on their cars which they are not supposed to use. Mumbai Mayor actually refused to remove it when her attention was drawn yesterday.” The angry look of Lulu always sends tremor waves. The only other time this happens is when I come home late and my wife opens door giving me a stare.
“Aw, come on. The Leaders are known to flout rules. The wealthy have always bought the justice. I know this is all wrong, but well…….”
“This is interesting!” Lulu cut me short. “So a mayor flouts rules and runs a car with beacon lights, and an actor runs a car over people, killing them, and gets scot free.”
“Hmmm…..  What should common people like me do?”
“Enjoy discussing erosion of values in the privacy of their homes!” Lulu said as he nibbled at chillies.