ITC Employees’ Eye Opener: Trade Unions as Business Partners

I never really thought that I will be writing this third part of the series. But the ITC Employees Union at their Ranjangaon factory gave me a pleasant surprise. The first part talks of Bajaj Auto employees union called Vishwa Kalyan Kamgar Sanghatana VKKS taking steps which are positive, proactive and aimed at building character. The second part talks of Bosch union in Pune taking unusual steps, as also the Thermax union.

All the three unions were guided by their own vision. Do you remember what Helen Keller said? “What is worse than being blind,” she asked. And answered, “A man with sight but no vision!” Unions have realised that the new age relationships must be guided by their independent vision.

The latest subscriber to this view and joining the select group of progressive unions is ITC Karmachari Sanghatana. This is the union of employees at ITC’s brand new factory at Ranjangaon.

[pics show ITC Ranjangaon Employees in another visioning exercise last year]

And here is what they say:

Vision of ITC Kamgar Sanghatana

“Excellence in Relations for Harmony, peace, productivity and innovations to create world class organization and to achieve better economic, social and family life with the help of team work, enlightenment , analysis , learning, commitment, honesty, trust, fairness & transparency.”

The language in Industrial Relations is changing. From one of complaint to one of commitment!

Now purists may argue that it is a rather long one etc. and that is why they are often labelled ‘Chhidranveshee’ or the ‘fault-finders.’ We must respect the positive step. We must encourage it. We must reach out to more if we want others to emulate.

And you will not find such stories in the Press; they enjoy reporting only the negatives, it makes good story. Yes only for them!

The stories of proactive and positive change are so inspiring! Kudos to ITC Kamgar Sanghatana. And Kudos also to ITC who have increasingly adopted very progressive and inspiring practices.

Vivek S Patwardhan
“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.”

Part 2 Trade Unions as Business Partners
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