Quo Vadis Asked Lulu

“I am packing my bags, Lulu” I told my parrot. Lulu has often given me company when I set out to travel. The trouble is that parrots can’t keep anything confidential, they speak to all. Even so, Lulu, my parrot is a wonderful company.
“Where to this time?” he asked. Lulu is always so chirpy-chirpy when it comes to travelling. “I am also coming” he said. You have the same feeling when you tell your friend that you are going out with your GF and he says ‘I am also coming!’ You are stunned. You are surprised and a keen observer would easily notice a baffled expression on your face.
“There are times when I would like to be on my own.”
“But I do not wish to leave you alone.” Lulu informed his intentions firmly.
“Look, Lulu. I am not a little boy that I will get lost in the new territory. I can take care of myself well. Moreover I have a big agenda.”
“That could land you in trouble, right? You need me.”
“Ok if you say so.”
“You talked about your agenda. I am curious.”
“Oh, that is actually very simple. I will travel and I will shoot some photographs.”
“Interesting. But that you do anyway. You seem to be having something more on your mind”
“And I intend to meet some interesting people”
“Like those who have done something interesting – they may be union leaders or HR managers. I hope I get the contacts.”
“This agenda does not sound very interesting. Is there anything else?”
“Yes. It is my dream…..”
“To do what?”
“To sit in the beautiful gardens and do some sketching. ‘Urban sketching’ as they call it.”
“Ha ha! Old men like you can’t do anything else in a beautiful garden. Hey, you can do urban sketching near your home too.”
“Yes, but if my friends discover me sketching near my home they will consign me to mental asylum. A new place is safer; nobody knows you. There is some safety in anonymity. You can try many things you would not venture to do in your own home town.”
“That word ‘Asylum’ perhaps gives me a clue. Are you travelling to Europe? They will mistake you to be a refugee there!”
“Nah! Not to Europe.”
“Then to Australia again?”
“Nah! I had been there last year.”
“Man! Are you going to the jungles of Botswana or the city of Rome? Quo vadis?”
“:D” A smile says so many things, but it is open for interpretation. “I want to, but not this year.”
“Look when you sketch, you will need to have somebody around to make sure that the child in you does not put you in danger. Like me.”
“Ok, Ok, Just pack your bags, and come with me.” Lulu fluttered his wings and hopped on to my shoulder and whistled…