Wimbledon Fair Moments

Wimbledon Fair Moments

I strolled through the Wimbledon Common. They had set up a small fair. Wimbledon Fair 2016. Here are some moments I caught quickly.

DSCN4586w (1)

A boat in the sky? I think Pirates of Caribbean has ignited imagination of people.


What’s in the name? But this one is not very mouth-watering name. Take a look at this one:


Milkshakes from Crazy Cow! Marketing men go crazy while developing a brand!!


This one was an eye catcher. The man [or woman] who wrote this achieved his [hmmm… her] purpose surely.


I always knew that leaders spoke lines which were written by someone else. Here is the evidence. Incontrovertible! I wonder who writes the script for Dr Subramaniam Swamy. Or Rahul Gandhi.


You often get to see this old mode of transport in Wimbledon. If a dog, your pet, dirties the road, you have to lift it and deposit in the waste bin. That law does not apply to horse owners! That leads me to conclude that a large number of law makers in England must be owning horses.


The fair was small if you go by what we see in India. Very small. Yet enjoyable, with friendly people selling food, clothes, jewelry and pictures.

Vivek S Patwardhan