Adventures of Amateur Photographer: Scotland

Adventures of Amateur Photographer: Scotland

[All pictures copyright of this author]

Q: What is a blunder? Ans: Visiting Scotland without a camera!

I did not commit blunder, I carried mine, albeit a small camera, fit only for amateurs like me. When you visit Scotland with my kind of camera, you regret not carrying the SLR.

Let us take a look though. Some photographs may still meet the approval of a discerning eye.

This is what Wikipedia says “The Forth Bridge is a cantilever railway bridge over the Firth of Forth in the east of Scotland, 9 miles west of Edinburgh City Centre. It is considered an iconic structure and a symbol of Scotland, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.”

I took a pic from a distance. So much distance without adequate magnification, yet I feel like showing you.


Oh, no! Why did I jump to Edinburgh? One goes first to Kings Cross Station.


And I saw St Pancras Hotel through the window at Kings Cross Station, beautiful!


A quick look at HM Yacht Britannia. The dining room was big with one huge table! It wasn’t easy to capture it in one pic. Did you notice the sword on the wall? Can anybody eat there leisurely, with the sword facing them?


We set out to explore the country……


Then this bridge at Fort George. It went up when the enemy came! You will notice that it is above a trench.


And while moving in the ferry in Loch Ness, I saw a small boat moving near horizon. My ferry was moving fast, so also this small boat. I waited till it reached the meeting point of the two hills. And clicked. A good moment to capture. Sweet timing. Like Yuvraj’s sixer. It appears effortless, you do it on instinct.


Of all pics, this one takes the cake. What say you?

[All pictures copyright of this author]

Vivek S Patwardhan