The Footloose Photographer in UK

The Footloose Photographer in UK

[All photographs copyright of this author]

When you travel abroad with your camera in hand, even if it is not a SLR, you remind somebody [read your wife] of young boy with his new toy in hand. That’s what the camera and surrounding does to you. No complaints. I enjoy it!

Here are some photographs I clicked. In Hampton Court. In Kew Garden. And some in Scotland.

I spotted this lovely bull when we took a coffee break. Bulls do not qualify as the most beautiful animals in this world. But art makes them so. That’s the power of the art.


For a moment, in Hampton Court, I thought this man was crying. It took a second more to understand the reality.


And this one before you enter the Hampton Court palace.


Some spend time outside the palace. Wise guys. Reminds me of a scene in Kati Patang.


This is the place for having coffee. Then a lot will surely happen over coffee.


Moving to Kew Garden, the beauty of this fountain captivated me.


The seagulls are my favourite subject for clicking photographs. Here is one. They appear to be eager to jump in water.


Catching the moment is important. Time does not wait for you. A girl clicking photograph of a swan where the swan also seems to be happily posing for it was a situation that called for a very quick action. I am glad I did.


[All photographs copyright of this author]

Vivek S Patwardhan