Job is a Jealous Mistress

Job is a Jealous Mistress

“Job creates turbulence in personal life” I told Lulu, my parrot, as I put down my mobile.

“That’s the curse of being human, we parrots don’t have jobs, so no such problems.” Lulu laughed as he hopped closer. “What are you referring to?”

“A friend called up. He said that his Boss offered him a new role on promotion. At another location! It meant transfer. It had a consequence; his wife would have to give up her job.”

“Difficult situation. Ladies have their career aspirations. And men have theirs. Oh! That must have created a storm at home.”

“It did! Ask me. I once planned a holiday with family. But my boss made a last minute call to me and sent me on an urgent work to another city. So no holiday! My wife was unhappy; she has not forgiven me to this day.”

“It has something to do with your ability – nah, inability to say no. Why can’t you negotiate with your boss?”

“That works well in some companies, but in most companies such a tendency is looked down upon.”

“Hmmm…. The feudal work culture of workaholic Indians!”

“Children have to change their school as a result of relocation of the family; it is problem galore at home. Ooh!!”

“That must be cruel to children. They have to make new friends, that’s painful for them.” Lulu nibbled at a raw mango.

“Public servants and Armed Forces personnel have this problem forever. Their children change five to ten schools! Later they rationalise saying it ‘toughens’ boys and girls, but children hate it.”

Lulu and Me750

“So a man clings to his job, but his wife and children suffer in certain situations. Even the man must be getting torn in such situations.”

“Yup! Ask me!! And they say we are like a family in every company.”

“Tut, tut!” Lulu hopped on to the edge of my laptop and looked at me, and said, “A job is a jealous mistress!

Vivek S Patwardhan