Duel and Duet at Battersea Park

Duel and Duet at Battersea Park

I knew precious little about Battersea Park before I visited it yesterday. A huge 200 acre park, it was known as ‘Battersea fields, a popular spot for duelling. On 21 March 1829, the Duke of Wellington and the Earl of Winchilsea met on Battersea fields to settle a matter of honour. When it came time to fire, the Duke aimed his duelling pistol wide and Winchilsea fired his into the air. Winchilsea later wrote the Duke a grovelling apology.’ [All this from Wikipedia]

Park is not a place for fighting or duelling unless you are with your wife. But the party of the first part parked himself at a safe distance from party of the second part, so it was peace!

A stroll through the park and we captured interesting images. Of flowers.

Of a family spending quiet moments together – the temperature was 14 degrees Celsius – pleasant weather by British standard, but very cold to a Mumbaikar.

Of children practising goal-keeping!

And of children enjoying interesting activities in the park.

Surely a place to visit again. Not for duel. May be for a duet!

Vivek S Patwardhan