Be a Leader of Significance

Be a Leader of Significance

There are several books on leadership, yet this book ‘Be a Leader of Significance’ stands out in many ways.

Firstly, it is authored by a research scientist who led large research department in a few organizations. We have, in Dr. Mosongo Moukwa, an author whose training as a research scientist reflects clearly in the way he studies, arranges various aspects and explains the subject of leadership. And he draws on his own experiences often to cull out a lesson. His book ‘Be a Leader of Significance’ deserves to be read and studied by managers and students alike to gain insights.

This book comes at a time when leaders in the industry as well as the leaders of various nations are coming under scrutiny for their populist ways, fissiparous tendencies, curbing free speech and generally disregarding the deep-rooted culture of their countries. Unfortunately, this is not peculiar to any specific nation, it seems to be a common story of several nations, big and small. Leadership therefore, is a big concern area for the public at large, not just students and managers of organizations.

‘A leader of significance makes a lasting difference and opens doors that lead to amazing results,’ argues Dr. Moukwa and begins further exposition. And he begins by suggesting that the first step is to ‘create an environment where there is mutual trust.’

He then proceeds to share his experience on ‘being on a mission’, challenging context and exemplifying the importance of learning agility.

(Dr. Mosongo Moukwa)

There are other topics covered in the book such as inspiring a shared vision, leading teams and unleashing organizational energy etc. It is a complete set of themes one must read in order to be a good leader, or a leader of significance.

The value of the book for the reader is higher than the dime-a-dozen leadership books because Dr. Moukwa has stories for each of the lesson which makes understanding and digesting the subject easier. And he makes two suggestions at the end of each chapter which will help the leader practice the messages.

‘Be a Leader of Significance’ has several cross references (expect that from a researcher cum author) which will help a reader to access more material for study.

Dr. Mosongo Moukwa, the author, has a subtitle for the book which is ‘Build your legacy, Leave an impact’. Well, the book surely does both for the author!

Vivek S Patwardhan

“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.”