Modi, Sikka and Dravid

“Did you hear Narendra Modi’s speech?” I asked Lulu, my parrot.
“Did you read about Vishal Sikka’s address to Infosys employees?” He asked.
“Hmmm…No, I did not. Did you read what Economic Times [ET] reported? It says ‘Agree or disagree with him, Modi’s speech from the ramparts of the Red Fort evoked a sense of confidence that a leader was finally in charge.’”
“And this is what ET says about Sikka’s address at Infosys: ‘Not that he (Sikka) spoke of anything grand but whatever he spoke (including) digital transformations, on areas of cloud, etc. were in such a saint-like manner. That was it. That’s all what we want here,” said the engineer. It may be marked as the biggest resurrection at corporate India.’”

“Oh wow! Narendra Modi has taken several bold steps…….”
Lulu interrupted me. “Read what ET says: ‘Since his appointment, Sikka has taken five key steps, early signs of which seem to suggest that there has been a change in the mood from near-despondency to excitement.’”
“What’s going on? I am talking about Modi.”
“And I am trying to tell you that there are two stories running parallel – with so much of similarity, so much in common.”
“Yeah! I guess this is a reaction when an organisation, nation or otherwise, hungry for success, nay starved of success, gets a new leader. Both India and Infosys are looking for ‘Achche din!”
“Both want to act promptly, both are trying to manage expectations and both of them are demonstrating who is in control. That is how it should be.” Lulu hopped on to my shoulder.
“Their job is difficult.”
“That may be the understatement of the year! They must bring some disruptive change, make existing systems work more effectively, and yet carry people with them. Unenviable job!”
“I agree, the more you think and the more difficult it appears.”
“It is very interesting to see how similar issues and responses are.”
“Yeah! Interesting!! And now my eyes are on MS Dhoni. What is he going to do?”
“Indian Cricket team is like Infosys as it was before Murthy’s return. May be, it is time for Dravid to return!” Lulu hopped on to the TV remote to switch off the channel showing the last ‘test.’