234 Contract Workers Get Permanent Jobs

234 Contract Workers Get Permanent Jobs

AAK Kamani P Ltd has recently given 234 contract workers in permanent job. This is an unusual agreement! This agreement comes at a time when some factories have no permanent workers but all contract workers, and that makes it trend setter!!

Kamani Oil Industries P Ltd [now AAK Kamani P Ltd] moved its factory from Chandivali in Mumbai to Khopoli about 65 Km away. They recruited contract workers to run it as the permanent workers were unwilling to move, but later relented.

The contract workers made a feeble attempt for bargaining permanent job but did not win it in the first settlement. But the second settlement proved lucky for them. Getting permanent job to contract workmen is essentially an uphill task for any union. It seems to be a combination of an enlightened management and some skilful negotiation by union which has got the contract workers this benefit at AAK Kamani. [Reliance, are you listening?].

Ms Chitra Panikker, Vice President-HR, AAK Kamani P Ltd. explains the story in the video.


Vivek S Patwardhan