On Vikas Shirodkar and Trends in HR and IR

On Vikas Shirodkar and Trends in HR and IR

Vikas Shirodkar leads a small group of HR Honchos who studiously maintain low profile. If you discussed his academic achievements – Gold medallist at BA [Psychology], Gold Medallist at MA [Psychology] he dismisses that as a thing of past, no longer relevant! Although I knew him for several years, it was only recently that I understood that he is a ‘Fellow’ of IIM-C. [Equivalent to PhD]. That too he did not tell me, I discovered it accidentally.

And his thesis was on ‘Strikes and Lockouts at West Bengal in 1951 – 1975 – a macroeconomic study.’ What does that tell us? That he understands individuals as well as groups, both! Just in case you do not know him, you might guess that Vikas, hmmm…., Dr Vikas will speak about theories, will perhaps psychoanalyse people, but nothing of that kind ever happens. With his low profile and ability to keep discussion focused on others you will never know how distinguished he is unless of course you have an informer.

It took a Marathi bestseller ‘Big Boss’ [Marathi] to throw limelight on him. This book focuses on Maharashtrians at senior level in the corporate world who have excellent achievements to their credit.


Vikas began his career with Hindustan Computers Ltd or HCL and worked closely with Shiv Nadar. Then moved to Siemens in Mumbai. Siemens was a minefield for HR [or IR] guys then, and they had to take cautious steps. Siemens union was also led by men who were learned leaders. Vikas is one of the few in Siemens who is remembered fondly both by managers and union. No exaggeration here.

And then came a long stint with J&J or Johnson and Johnson. I had requested Vikas to address the Thane HR Group, and it was one of the best sessions. Vikas has an inimitable way of explaining the abstract concepts well. Nobody explains the famous credo of J&J better than Vikas. He rose to hold an assignment at Asia Pacific level.


Vikas teamed up with his younger sister [Prof] Dr Preeti Shirodkar to author a book ‘Fundamental Skills for Budding Professionals.’ The book provides excellent guidance to young professionals. [See my blog here]

I present here two videos of Vikas. One on ‘Challenges Before HR’ together with trends he sees. And the other on ‘Has Industrial Lost Its Relevance?’ With background in research, contribution to HR and IR, and a genuine concern for building great organisations, Vikas puts across his views clearly and consisely.

Enjoy watching videos.

Challenges Before HR and Trends

Has Industrial Relations Lost Its Relevance?

Vivek S Patwardhan