Status of Management Education: Prof RSS Mani

Status of Management Education: Prof RSS Mani

He is a highly accomplished professional today, you guessed it right, I am referring to Prof RSS Mani. My association with him dates back to 1987; the respect and appreciation I had then has not diminished a bit. He works in the field of management education, is associated with NGOs and writes often on management issues. But his introduction will not be complete unless I mention that he enjoys career guidance to young aspiring persons. He has counselled countless young men and women on their career choices. He is awarded several distinctions for his selfless service. His name is associated with ITM Group of institutions.

I met him in his office at Vashi. The purpose was to interview him on some questions on my mind.

Here are two important questions; watch the videos where I have captured his insights:

What is the status of Management Education today? What are the challenges?

Parents’ role in career guidance of their ward

Vivek S Patwardhan